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House Blend Coffee House, Cafe & Gifts

Ten years ago, Jeremy and Holly Spencer launched their brainchild: a hip coffee house in downtown Dickson that would alternate as a gourmet café and gift shop. Since then, the husband-and-wife team has cultivated a small community within House Blend Coffeehouse, Café & Gifts--one bursting with local personality and product.   

As Jeremy and Holly will tell you, this isn't your average coffee house. In addition to creating pretty impressive latte art—we've seen a whale in our macchiato!—the back-of-house crew gets creative with their dishes. Besides the homemade soups and fresh-cut garden salads, House Blend also offers sandwiches with a twist, unique smoothie and coffee combinations, and gourmet pastries. Think Caesar salads wrapped in French bread and a house-made basil pesto with fresh mozzarella.

“Our most popular item has always been the grown-up grilled cheese. Four different kinds of cheese, tomato and in-house dressing all broiled together,” Jeremy says. “Once you have it, it’s one of those things you think about and come back for.”

Though Jeremy grew up in town—he and his Virginia-bred wife met while in college—he researched other Middle Tennessee markets before deciding to place roots in downtown Dickson.

“The space where we’ve been for the past 10 years opened up and we realized that there wasn’t anything like us here. It gave us a great opportunity to fill that void,” he says.

Lately, Jeremy says he's seen a steady climb in neighborhood participation around his store.

"In recent years, it seems like business owners are really invested in downtown," he told Images Magazine in a recent interview.

The Spencers have certainly experienced growth. Since its opening in February 2002, House Blend has added a new addition to its services, Kitchen Catering. From chicken skewers with Greek cucumber yogurt sauce and sweet ‘n’ spicy shrimp to chocolate cupcakes with espresso buttercream, the company whips up fabulous dishes for wedding parties, business gatherings and rehearsal dinners.

“Since the beginning, we’ve had such a great reception from the community,” Jeremy says. “Though we have loyal followers, we still feel like we’re getting new customers all the time.”

And while people are drinking a Monkey Mocha (banana, espresso and ice cream blended into one cold coffee drink) at the shop or waiting on their cranberry chicken salad in House Blend, guests can browse the retail store that offers gifts, accessories, Kavu product and more. Jeremy and Holly even host local artisan work, like the 12-year-old boy who sells his duct-tape wallets.

“We’re always receptive to local talent. We let people find us, but we’re always happy to help them,” Jeremy says.

 In keeping with the love-of-community vibe that House Blend's owners exude, the shop's aesthetic allows guests to feel as if they're kickin' back in their kitchen.

“My favorite part of this is the community aspect of it. It’s relaxed and homey,” he says. “At the beginning, we said we really wanted an atmosphere where you could come and stay a while. We’re a place where people have meetings, see a friend, read a book, just hang out.”

House Blend is open Monday through Thursday, 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

With more than 2,000 Facebook "fans," House Blend stays active on social media. Check them out here or learn more at

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