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Just about the time the winter doldrums are about to break, the Dickson Farm, Home and Garden Show will be coming to the Dickson County Fairgrounds. The three-day event, presented by the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce, will kick off the spring season from March 8-10.

Dozens of “everything outdoors” booths will showcase a variety of products and local services. Visitors can expect to see and have an opportunity to purchase patio décor, gardening supplies, farming equipment, hunting gear and more. Services may include landscaping, outdoor memberships, consultations and other offerings.

Below is general information about the event and 2013 rules and regulations. For more information, call 615-446-2349 or email

To download a vendor application form, click here.

To download a copy of the rules and regulations, click here.

General Information:

Hours. Event hours are Friday 6-8 p.m. (invitation only for "Chamber After Hours"), Saturday 9 a.m. to 8 p.m  and Sunday Noon to 4 p.m..

Set-up. Thursday, March 7 and Friday, March 8 (exhibit must be complete by 5 p.m. on Friday). Tear-down is Sunday, 4-7 p.m. and on Monday.

Your Booth. Spring is here, and this is your opportunity to showcase products and services for “everything outdoors” (lawns, patios, hunting, farming, etc.)! Each booth will have an 8’ backdrop with 3’ side panels. Tabletop exhibits include a 6 ft skirted table.

Payment. Your space is reserved when your registration form and payment is received. Space is limited, so don’t delay.

Make check payable to DCCC and mail to: 119 Hwy. 70E, Dickson, TN, 37055. The 10% early bird deadline is November 15. You do not have a reserved spot until you pay the 50%. If you don’t pay 50% when you say yes, we don’t save your spot or make a promise for anything to be open.

Final payment is due by February 1 to hold the booth space. 10% late fee after February 1.

Marketing. The event will be advertised through radio, newspaper, posters, and more throughout the region. The Dickson Herald will publish and distribute a special Farm Show publication in February.

Free Exhibitor Passes. You will receive free passes for your exhibit workers as follows:

8 passes for double booth or larger, 6 passes for single booth, 4 passes for tabletop. Admission is only $3, so please ask your employees and family members who are not working to pay admission. Children under 12 are free.

Booth Judging. Judging will be Friday night, and judges will be chamber members. Judging is based on originality, best use of space, effective marketing of company and products, and booth personnel. Awards will be presented that evening.

Fairground Facility Rules. Any landscaping material, such as mulch, must have heavy plastic under it. Use of water must be pre-approved. No alcohol or firearms on premises.

Event Production. The Dickson Farm, Home & Garden Show is produced by the Agriculture Committee of the Dickson County Chamber of Commerce.

2013 Rules & Regulations:

1. Our Purpose: To educate & make the public aware of products and services available in the Dickson County area.

2. Exhibitors agree to install attractive, educational displays of products or services and must confine their operations to their exhibit space only.

3. Because the prestige of the show depends on the quality of the exhibits, a review is made of all exhibitors. In fairness to exhibitors and the public, we reserve the right to refuse any exhibit or exhibitor which or who in the opinion of the Chamber Ag Committee is not in the best interest of the show. The Chamber Ag Committee reserves the right to remove, without notice, an exhibit, exhibitor, his agents and property from the building. In the event of such cancellation, the exhibitor hereby waives any claim for damages or for the recovery of any rental monies.

4. Space is available for a minimum of 68 exhibitors, so the Chamber will allow direct competitors within the show, but strives to keep each category to a practical minimum to make the show more appealing to the public and also works to maintain space between competitors.

5. Subletting: Exhibitors shall not sublet any space nor display any goods other than those manufactured or sold by them in the regular course of business. Persons providing any part of a display booth requiring material and labor apart from that of the exhibitor shall have the privilege to display a card not to exceed 18” x 18” at that booth.

6. All exhibits using anything other than the curtains provided must finish the side of the partition exposed to the public. If the side or back of the exhibit is taller than the curtains, the exhibitor is responsible for draping or covering the exposed display as not to distract from the neighboring exhibits (example: exposed lumber). Exhibitors agree to arrange displays so as not to obstruct view or disturb general harmony of the show.

7. All display items must be moved in before the start of the show. Late arrivals will not be guaranteed access and waive any claim for damages for recovery or any rental monies.

8. An exhibitor may not do construction on their booth during show hours.

9. All displays, signs, doors, or any other part of the display must stay within the confines of the rented booth, and may not extend into the aisle. The aisles cannot be partially blocked in any fashion. Displays and signs must be under 8’ in height for safety reasons.

10.Exhibitors selling from their booth are responsible for having the proper licenses to conduct sales at the show.

11. Excessively loud displays are not permitted, and the DCCC reserves the right to refuse any exhibit which does not, in their judgment, conform to the general tenor of the Farm, Home & Garden Show.

12. No soliciting for business shall be permitted in the aisles or in the other exhibitors' booths. Samples, catalogs, pamphlets, and publications may be distributed by exhibitors strictly within the confines of their own booth.

13. Neither DCCC nor DC Fair Board take responsibility for damages to exhibitors’ property.

14. Exhibitors shall park only in the parking area during show hours.

15. Electrical needs must be requested prior to show. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords & must ensure that they are properly grounded.

16. No electric heaters or anything that uses excessive amounts of electricity are permitted at the show.

17. Exhibitors are responsible for their exhibits. Security is NOT provided.

18. Displays shall not be dismantled or removed until 4pm on Sunday. Early tear-down is a distraction to neighboring exhibitors, a danger to the public, and our liability insurance carrier does not allow it, because of the increased liability exposure.

19. Exhibitor shall be liable for any and all damages made to the building, carpet, walls, or equipment. Exhibitor agrees to hold harmless the Dickson Co. Chamber of Commerce, its employees, officers and volunteers. Exhibitor shall provide a certificate of general liability insurance.

20. All audio equipment in your display must be played at a level so as not to disturbe other exhibitors or attendees.No sirens, horns or loudspeakers are permitted.

Dickson County Chamber of Commerce secures the right to interpret and amend Farm, Home & Garden Show rules, and reserves the right to add additional rules to improve the integrity of the show.

Discounted Accommodations ($55) for exhibitors available at Best Western Executive Inn: 2338 Hwy 46S Dickson, TN 37055. Call 615-446-0541 for more information.

Exhibitors shall park only in the parking area during show hours.

Electrical needs must be requested prior to show. Exhibitors are responsible for bringing their own extension cords & must ensure that they are properly grounded.

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